Our Stock

Freshwater Fish
The Fish Bowl and More carries a healthy selection of freshwater fish. We offer fish in many categories ranging from community to aggressive. We bring in new fish every week and rotate our livestock constantly for our customers. Our staff is also available to help guide you in selecting the appropriate fish for you aquarium.

Saltwater Fish: Coral & Invertebrates
The Fish Bowl and More offers healthy saltwater fish from well known suppliers all over the world. We carry a good selection of community, reef safe and aggressive fish.

We stock an impressive coral selection for our customers, which are sold and displayed in three custom table top rimless show tanks located in the center of our facility. New corals are brought in every week and special orders are always welcomed. We carry all types of coral from the beginner hobbyist to your more advanced aquarium enthusiast. Our coral prices cannot be beat!!!!

The Fish Bowl and More is a distributor of all major product lines for the aquarium industry, such as Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc., Kent, Tetra, Red Sea, Filstar, Eheim, Coralife, Hagen, Marineland and Aqueon to mention a few. Specialized orders are available for items that are normally not stocked in our store.

We also are distributors for many aquarium manufactures, such as Tenacor, Oceanic, Aqueon, Marineland, Deep Sea Aquatics, Fluval and Ocean Aquatics. Each company offers a wide selection of tank sizes and shapes to choose from, as well as a great assortment of aquarium furniture. If your interest is in a custom aquarium, we can accommodate your needs as well. Please visit our store and see one of our helpful staff members for details.